Single Space Monitoring with Ultrasonic Sensors

Indoor vehicle detection

Ultrasonic sensors are used to detect and manage the availability of each parking space.

The occupancy status is shown on LED displays at the entrance and per level. This allows customers to be guided directly to the next available parking space. This not only facilitates the search and reduces traffic in the garage, but also saves the customer valuable time.

Individual space detection in parking garages can be implemented for an area, but also for individual levels.

If a parking space is taken up, the ultrasonic sensor (type Design or Cross) detects the change. The data is passed on to the level controller, which forwards the data to the server.The evaluation takes place in combination with a parking guidance system, parking ticket machines, apps or the navigation system.

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Advantages Ultrasonic Sensors

Innovative and robust solution

Ultrasonic sensors for indoor use are mounted below the ceiling (on plaster or on a rail).

All ultrasonic sensors have up to three different status LEDs integrated in the housing.

  • Long service life
  • Exact detection and monitoring of all parking spaces
  • Significant reduction of traffic
  • Time-saving for parking space seekers
  • Optimal utilization of parking spaces due to individual space detection
  • Reduction of ventilation costs and climate friendly
  • High detection accuracy of the sensors
  • Sensor and status display in one housing
  • Installation below the ceiling
  • ModBus communication
  • 99 % detection accuracy

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Vehicle Counting for Entries and Exits

Full replacement for double loops

Two sensor groups continuously determine the distance. A vehicle passing through results in a typical height profile.

By correlating this information and specially developed pattern recognition processes, vehicles can be clearly distinguished from other objects. The two sensor groups also enable reliable direction recognition and differentiation between two vehicles driving close behind each other.

Two adjacent sensors synchronize via a direct connection to avoid measurement interference.

The detection of a vehicle runs in real time and depending on the direction. The information can be transmitted to a counting device via two relays, but can also be queried via the serial interface.

The drive-through sensor for vehicle counting is mounted on the ceiling parallel to the floor at a distance of two to three meters like a common fluorescent lamp. If the ceiling height is greater than three meters, the sensor is suspended to a height less than three meters. The passage must be designed so that the vehicle can be detected by the sensor.

More information about the vehicle count.

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Displays for Indoor Use (Matrix LED)

Guide and inform


The dynamic displays are available as Matrix LED.

They have a flat and modern design. In addition, numbers, arrows and symbols can be configured individually.

All displays can be combined with conventional traffic signs and are equipped with wireless communication technology from MSR-Traffic.

Displays and traffic signs additionally promote a dynamic parking space search and show in real time where a free parking space is located.

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Stationary Gas Warning Systems

Security systems for the parking garages

Reliably and with the highest precision, car exhaust gases (CO, NO2 and LPG) are detected by gas sensors in underground garages and parking garages and ventilation systems are activated and regulated accordingly.

EN 50545 - the central standard for gas monitoring in garages - requires extensive prerequisites for gas alarm systems.

The gases to be monitored using sensor technology are defined in the standard.

Detailed information can be found on the website of MSR-Electronic, also a company of the MSR-Group.

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