Single Space Monitoring of Many Parking Spaces

Conducting - counting - single-user recording

When a parking space is occupied, the magnetic field sensor (type U-Spot) detects the change in the magnetic field and forwards the signal to the server. The evaluation takes place in combination with a parking guidance system, parking ticket machines, apps or the navigation system.

The magnetic field sensors (type U-Spot) are very robust and independent of weather conditions. E.g. they also detect reliably in sunlight, snow, black ice, foliage and fog.

The U-Spot is a wireless parking sensor with the highest durability and reliability of the device on the market. It detects the parking space occupancy and records the time how long the parking space was occupied by a vehicle. Because the vehicle detection system responds instantly and reliably to any change in parking occupancy, it is suitable for outdoor parking and on-street applications and helps optimize parking management.

The U-Flag stores data from the sensors and transmits this information to the U-Box (master repeater) via the MSR-Traffic network.

More information on the single space monitoring of many parking spaces.

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Single Space Monitoring of Individual Parking Spaces

Digitization of parking areas through innovative magnetic field sensor technology


The wireless magnetic field sensor M2M Parking Sensor is ideal for single space detection for a small number of parking spaces, e.g. for:

  • access routes for ambulances and fire departments
  • loading zones for trucks
  • charging stations for electric vehicles

The M2M Parking Sensor is weather independent, has a very high detection accuracy and is protected against vandalism. It permanently measures the earth's magnetic field changes generated by vehicles in parking spaces.

When the magnetic field changes significantly with respect to the sensor calibration value, the occupancy status is transmitted via NB-IoT directly (without gateway) to the cloud through the cellular network

The sensor system is suitable for any outdoor parking space and can be installed in the middle of the parking lot or on the side of the curb / sidewalk without removing the parked vehicles.

More information about the M2M Parking Sensor for precise single space monitoring.

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Vehicle Counting for Entries and Exits

Wireless communication

The U-Flow is a wireless magnetic field counting sensor that detects in real time any presence of vehicles, thanks to an earth magnetic field detection technology.

The data is sent through a multisensory network from the road to the cloud, from where it is processed and transformed into useful information.

The data processing is done by a sophisticated algorithm, which takes over and relays the data in real time.

Centralization in the platform allows the management of complex traffic situations and continuous improvement of the accuracy of the sensors.

This feature provides high flexibility and adaptability of its different use cases.

More information about the vehicle counting for entries and exits.

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Displays for Outdoor Use (Matrix LED/LCD)

Guide and inform

The dynamic displays are available in different versions:

  • Matrix LED
  • LCD display
  • Totems

They have a flat and modern design. In addition, numbers, arrows and symbols can be configured individually.

All displays can be combined with conventional traffic signs and are equipped with wireless communication technology from MSR-Traffic.

Displays and traffic signs additionally promote a dynamic parking space search and show in real time where a free parking space is located.

More information about displays for outdoor use.

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