Perfect control of all parking spaces in real time

The ParkGard Control Center of MSR-Traffic leaves nothing to be desired in device supervision and control.

Parking guidance systems Park controller PGCC from MSR-Traffic for intelligent indoor parking guidance systems


  • Easy integration in SW application
  • Data transfer in JSON format
  • Read rights / write rights via user level
  • Reserve/block/darkening
  • DI/DO control (blocking the barrier)
Display (LED-Matrix)
  • Event-based control
  • Occupancy rate exceeded: Release of parking spaces (e.g. HC/E- parking spaces)
  • Traffic control in case of fire
  • Changing display: Spaces/weather/events/info
  • Integration of various car parks
  • User account control with access to projects
  • Public access (e.g.
  • Only rented parking spaces visible
  • Automates recurring actions
  • Blocks parking area for weekly market
  • Shuts off in the night for saving energy
  • Plans and controls traffic for events
  • Notification long-term parkers (e.g. tourists, weekend parkers)
  • Errors/alarms/services
  • Ready-made Excel files for evaluation of the parking statistics
  • Customer-specific tables (e.g. weather etc.)
  • Many connections already availble (barrier systems, induction loops etc.)
  • Project-specific interface integration
Cloud / WEB-Service
  • E.g.
  • Acces via internet
  • No additional PC necessary
  • Complete separation from company network

See also the MSR-Film about the ParkGard Control Center.

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