More than 370 ultra-sonic sensors ensure efficient parking search traffic and parking space management. 


In addition to an extensive refurbishment project of the Marienplatz underground garage, the municipal utilities of Ravensburg opted for an intelligent parking guidance system from MSR-Traffic. It saves an enormous amount of time for those looking for a parking space.


Intelligent parking guidance system from MSR-Traffic


MSR-Traffic_Germany_Parking_guideance_systems_Ultra_sonic_sensor_Cross for an intelligent parking guidance system


The modern matrix LED displays provide intuitive guidance. At the same time, traffic in the underground car park is reduced. Car drivers are now guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic guidance technology.

MSR ultrasonic sensors (type Cross) with coloured status LEDs enables accurate counting and single space detection of vehicles. In order to be ready for the future, the municipal utilities are thus also making an important and necessary contribution to climate protection.

CO emissions are reduced thanks to the fast traffic flow. In addition, more than 30 charging stations for electric cars are provided and can be expanded to 80 if required.



ParkGard® Control Center from MSR-Traffic

MSR-Traffic_Germany_Parking guidance systems_ParkGard®_Control_ center_ system

MSR-Traffic_Germany_ParkGard® Control Center


The ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC) control technology software from MSR-Traffic allows both user-friendly evaluations of parking processes and the control of all devices in the car park.

Via this software, the new fixed gas warning system from MSR-Electronic is also controlled and monitored.

The PGCC can be used for administration purposes in both indoor and outdoor car parks.


Further details on MSR-Traffic products can be found in the online catalog.



Stationary gas warning system from MSR-Electronic


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The newly installed gas warning system from MSR-Electronic also ensures all-round reliable safety from toxic and combustible gases.

Air-hygienic safety regulations apply to closed underground car parks. These are regulated in EN 50545.

It is therefore essential to monitor all gases associated with car traffic in underground parking facilities to protect the health of car park users and the facility.



Risks in underground car parks


Primarily, CO and NO2 concentrations must be detected:

For example, a CO concentration in the air of more than 100 ppm can cause headaches after several hours. A CO concentration of more than 500 ppm can lead to unconsciousness and death.

There is not only the risk of poisoning by CO, but also the risk of explosion. The gas sensors from MSR-Electronic ensure safety and reliably monitor gas concentrations.

The DGC-06 Controller evaluates the measured values of the gas sensors and in the event of a fire, it transmits an alarm to the ventilation system, among other things, in order to bring about rapid smoke extraction.

In March of this year, a car caught fire on the already opened deck of the Marienplatz underground car park - thanks to the new safety equipment, there was hardly any damage in the garage.


Further Information on MSR-Electronic products can be found here in the online catalog or in the webshop:

MSR-Electronic is a manufacturer of fixed gas warning systems with decades of experience in the field of building automation and gas measurement technology. The international company with headquarters in Germany has a wide range of methods for the detection of toxic and combustible gases. On this basis MSR-Electronic develops individual gas sensors, controllers and warning devices for many applications, such as parking garages, tunnels, petrochemical industry or shipping. The products meet more than the general standards and regulations and can therefore guarantee the safety of the plant.

From the idea to the turnkey parking guidance system. MSR-Traffic offers innovative sensor technology that enables counting and single space detection of vehicles indoors and outdoors. Drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic guidance technology or via app. In addition to the development, production and sales of intelligent parking guidance systems, MSR-Traffic also supports the planning and installation on site. If you have any questions please send us an email or give us a call.