MSR-Traffic & MSR-Austria equip an underground car park with ultrasonic sensors that guarantee a fast search for parking spaces.


My Smart City Graz ( stands for energy efficiency, resource conservation and the reduction of emissions. The latest energy technologies and transport concepts are applied there to protect the environment.

With the reorganisation of Graz's central station, the area around the station is currently the best-developed area in Graz. The district to the west of the main station was originally a commercial and industrial area and will in future be the first quarter in Graz to be developed according to smart criteria. In the vicinity of the Helmut List Halle, a successful mix of residential units, office and commercial space and an extensive public park is being created.

In addition to various projects and construction phases, such as the Science Tower, the school campus or the Cool City, the district is home to the My Smart City Graz Mitte project, a residential and shopping complex that has an underground car park with an intelligent parking guidance system from MSR-Traffic.


Solution from MSR-Traffic for dynamic parking guidance.


©MSR-Traffic GmbH, Ultraschallsensor Cross

©MSR-Traffic GmbH, ultrasonic sensor typ Cross

To ensure dynamic parking search, 245 ultrasonic sensors (one sensor per parking space) and LED matrix displays are needed.

The ultrasonic sensors (type Cross) from MSR-Traffic incl. coloured status LEDs enable accurate counting and single-space detection of vehicles.

5 ultra-bright LEDs per colour indicate the status of the parking space - green means available, red means occupied. Sensor and LEDs are located in one housing.

The single-space and counting sensors are each mounted under the ceiling. Compared to conventional measuring techniques MSR-Traffic sensors are robust, very durable and provide precise measurement results at all times.



The turnkey system is individually configured and installed extremely quickly on site.


MSR-Traffic GmbH, intelligent parking systems, ultrasonic sensor type Cross in underground parking lot Smart City Mitte in Graz

©MSR-Traffic GmbH, intelligent parking systems, ultrasonic sensor type Cross

MSR-Traffic GmbH, intelligent parking systems, LED matrix display in underground parking lot Smart City Mitte in Graz

©MSR-Traffic GmbH, LED matrix display













The LED indication of remaining spaces by means of the matrix displays from MSR-Traffic enables fast route guidance for people looking for parking spaces, including for finding handicapped and electric vehicle parking spaces. The live data on the parking situation enables drivers to make quick directional decisions at any time. Also, the dynamic traffic in the underground car park results in fewer CO2 emissions and at the same time increases the economic efficiency of the parking areas.


MSR-Traffic GmbH, Germany, intelligent ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC)

©MSR-Traffic GmbH, ParkGard® Control Center (PGCC)

The heart of the intelligent parking guidance system - the ParkGard® Controller Center (PGCC) - establishes the connection to the ultrasonic sensors and displays the counting information on the corresponding LED displays on the car park levels.

The PGCC is responsible for:

  • controlling the parking guidance system
  • storing historical data
  • compiling statistics
  • visualising ongoing operations
  • communicating with other systems



The planning, installation and commissioning of the entire parking guidance system for My Smart City Graz was carried out by MSR-Austria GmbH, an Austrian branch of MSR-Group GmbH from Germany.

Further details on MSR-Traffic products can be found in the MSR-Traffic Online Catalog.

From the idea to the turnkey parking guidance system. MSR-Traffic offers innovative sensor technology that enables counting and single space detection of vehicles indoors and outdoors. Drivers are quickly guided to the next available parking space via dynamic traffic guidance technology or via app. In addition to the development, production and sales of intelligent parking guidance systems, MSR-Traffic also supports the planning and installation on site. If you have any questions please send us an email or give us a call.