Vehicle Counting for Entries and Exits

Full replacement for double loops

Two sensor groups continuously determine the distance. A vehicle passing through results in a typical height profile.

By correlating this information and specially developed pattern recognition processes, vehicles can be clearly distinguished from other objects. The two sensor groups also enable reliable direction recognition and differentiation between two vehicles driving close behind each other.

Two adjacent sensors synchronize via a direct connection to avoid measurement interference.

The detection of a vehicle runs in real time and depending on the direction. The information can be transmitted to a counting device via two relays, but can also be queried via the serial interface.

The drive-through sensor for vehicle counting is mounted on the ceiling parallel to the floor at a distance of two to three meters like a common fluorescent lamp. If the ceiling height is greater than three meters, the sensor is suspended to a height less than three meters. The passage must be designed so that the vehicle can be detected by the sensor.

More information about the vehicle count.

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